Monday, June 28, 2004

50 First Dates

I'm so loving this movie! I was really intrigued when I first heard of it. The title seems to be so romantic; to treat everyday as your first date; whoa, it's just every girl's dream! I've been wanting to see it when it was in the cinemas but unfortunately I wasn't able to.. so, I patiently waited for the DVD and I wasn't dissapointed! Firstly, the story is unique. Adam Sandler is Henry Roth, a happy-go-lucky bachelor who works in an aquarium in Hawaii, afraid of commitments, and hopping from one one-night-stand to another. Then, he meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore) in a diner and became so smitten by her. Little did he know that Lucy is suffering from the loss of a short-term memory due to an accident, which means, she lives each day as if it was October 13, the day of her accident. Anything that happens that day will be forgotten the next day. Henry does everything just to get Lucy to notice him and talk to him until he reached the point when they are actually dating (with the help of a VHS tape that Lucy watches every morning showing to her what really happened to her). The conflict arises when Lucy breaks up with Henry because she knows that there is no future for them and she doesn't want to hold Henry back from living his dream. But of course, like all love stories, they got back together. I was thinking halfway through the film that Lucy might regain her memory. But, no! The movie ended with Lucy waking up, watching the video of Henry, and seeing them get married. And when she went out, she saw that she was in Henry's boat, with the backdrop of the snowy landscapes of Alaska, seeing her husband Henry Roth and her daughter for the first time. The movie is perfect. The plot is very unique, the ending is unpredictable and untypical. The characters really gel well, and their chemistry is just perfect. There are really teary moments and of course funny moments with the help of Ula (Rob Shneider), Henry's sidekick. Even the soundtrack is so cute! All in all it was perfect. I even watched it for the second time and I was still laughing and crying and gawd, it was really perfect. It's the best and my favorite romantic comedy so far. :)

Friday, June 11, 2004

Bored to death

Once again I am here in the office, surfing the internet. I am not in the mood to go to my boss and ask for something to do. In the first place, I don't have a computer anymore. The one who replaced me has already taken over my computer; but since she's at our boss's desk right now, I'm using the computer. I don't know why I feel depressed. I just feel so out of place here. Good thing I still have allowance. It's the only thing that makes me happy now. Hope I could see my boyfriend later.. I really hope... :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Almost Unemployed

Here I am sitting on my desk.. It's my last week here in the office as an Office Trainee for my Internship. I just graduated last Saturday but my boss requested my partner and I to come back after graduation. Naturally, though with much hesitation, we obliged to his request, thinking that there still might be a chance for us to be absorbed in the company. However, much to our dismay, our boss has already found a replacement, which means that our services are no longer needed, be it as an OJT, and definitely as a regular employee. But, since our boss has a lot to do, he still needs us to help his new OJT, so.. i'm here!

As of the moment, I'm so bored, tired, even if I just got in the office.. I don't know why.. Maybe it's because the reality that I am almost unemployed is slowly taking over me. I talked to some of my smart-achiever-type batchmates, and they told me that they are having a hard time finding a 9-5 job; which means that call centers is the only option left for us fresh graduates.

I have nothing against people working at a call center, and I don't want to judge them. The reason why I do not want to work in a call center is this... My dad paid almost Php 500,000 for my tuition fee; so I don't want to waste the money he spent on my education. See, even undergraduates get accepted at call centers, and if that was my chosen career path when I entered college, I should have chosen to study at a cheaper school. It's just my opinion! I think I'll end up at a call center, anyway!

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