Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Almost Unemployed

Here I am sitting on my desk.. It's my last week here in the office as an Office Trainee for my Internship. I just graduated last Saturday but my boss requested my partner and I to come back after graduation. Naturally, though with much hesitation, we obliged to his request, thinking that there still might be a chance for us to be absorbed in the company. However, much to our dismay, our boss has already found a replacement, which means that our services are no longer needed, be it as an OJT, and definitely as a regular employee. But, since our boss has a lot to do, he still needs us to help his new OJT, so.. i'm here!

As of the moment, I'm so bored, tired, even if I just got in the office.. I don't know why.. Maybe it's because the reality that I am almost unemployed is slowly taking over me. I talked to some of my smart-achiever-type batchmates, and they told me that they are having a hard time finding a 9-5 job; which means that call centers is the only option left for us fresh graduates.

I have nothing against people working at a call center, and I don't want to judge them. The reason why I do not want to work in a call center is this... My dad paid almost Php 500,000 for my tuition fee; so I don't want to waste the money he spent on my education. See, even undergraduates get accepted at call centers, and if that was my chosen career path when I entered college, I should have chosen to study at a cheaper school. It's just my opinion! I think I'll end up at a call center, anyway!

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