Thursday, July 22, 2004

My Harry Potter Obsession

I can't get enough of Harry Potter and I can't wait for the next installment!  I think I've read all the 5 book about 3-4 times already.  I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night and I got a little depressed 'cause there's no more left to read... :( 

I started rereading it when I saw the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner or Azkaban.  I love how Cuaron directed the movie.  It was short though and a lot of significant things weren't included but all in all it was very good.  The visuals and cinematography (?) were great.  I also love the transitions (the Whomping Willow, etc.)... the first two weren't smooth-flowing as this one.  So there, I reread Book 3, then Book 4, then Book 5.  I was crying buckets of tears last night when Sirius died, well mostly when Harry had recollections of him... :,(

I will still say that my favorite among the 5 books is Book 3, because of Sirius Black; then Book 4, then Book 1, then Book 5.  Book 2 gives me the creeps especially when I saw the movie.  The parcelmouth(?) dialogues of Harry and Tom Riddle just freaks me out!  Book 4 is also good and action packed.  The reason why I don't really like Book 5 is cause it's Harry's worst year in Hogwarts.  I mean lahat na ng kamalasan nangyari sa kanya.  Dementor attack, expulsion, Umbridge, Cho Chang, being banned from Quidditch, and of course the death of Sirius.  Book 5 has its share of favorite moments too like "Snape's Worst Memory" but Sirius is really my favorite character.. And I still can't believe JK killed him... :,(   Harry wasn't even able to use the 2-way mirror... waahh!!  There are technicalities showing that Sirius "might" not have died such as the "sparks" that hit him 'cause the Avada Kedavra has green sparks whereas the color of sparks that hit Sirius wasn't mentioned.  I hope the veil can be used.  I hope Hary can still talk to Sirius... :,(

And now, I can't wait for the next installment Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince. *sigh*  Harry Potter is now a part of my life.  I commend JK Rowling for her awesome story-telling.  Harry Potter got me to read when I wasn't a book worm at all. 

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