Friday, July 23, 2004

Nothing to wear

My boyfriend asked me to come with him to his cousin's birthday party this Saturday.  He told me that the theme of the party is the eighties but I don't have to follow it.  But, I still need to wear something nice and semi-formal 'cause it's dinner time.  And this is where my dilemma comes in.  I don't have anything to wear!!! I haven't been going out for like... hmm.. I don't even know na..  I used to go out on gimmicks when I was in High School but when I entered College, my block's trip is different.  They prefer house parties and inuman.  It was a good thing though 'cause my dad's really strict.  At least I haven't been grounded for a loong time now.  And another good thing is that my boyfriend is not the type who loves gimmicks! He prefers chilling out at a friends place, listening to music, and drinking. So there.. I haven't been going out so naturally, I don't have gimmick clothes.  We have a dress code in school, meaning, no sleeveless and mini skirts.  So, my wardrobe basically consists of plain cotton tees and jeans.   I have a few tanks that I bought before... it's a really good think that I'm into classics... so the tank tops that I used to wear 4 years ago, I could still wear now!  But, I still don't know what to wear!!!  I have a nice red blouse that my mom bought recently but my boyfriend doesn't want me to wear red!! ARgh!! He wants me to wear black but my black tops are mostly tank tops that are not too formal..  Daym!  I sent him some MMS pictures of the tops that I'm thinking of wearing but he still hasn't chosen.  He keeps on telling me to find something else.  Haayyy.. I'm thinking of buying one tomorrow but I can't hitch a ride with my dad cause he's leaving early... So I guess I'm stuck with my black tank, red blouse, or yellow green venus top.  I hope my boyfriend gets to choose something na...  

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