Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Yes.. Once again, this entry is about looking for a job and being unemployed... I just found out last Monday that I wasn't accepted at Accenture... I expected it though.. My second interview was really bad and I already faxed my transcript so I somehow knew that I won't get accepted. I was still hoping for the unexpected though... I found out when I checked my email in an Internet Cafe in Eastwood Cybermall. See, my modem's fucked up so I couldn't connect to the Internet. Upon reading their email, I was just OK with it. The only thing that I was worried about is what my parents would tell me. I know my dad will be disapointed. I also don't know how to handle rejection.. Really.. That's why I am glad that I am a girl. Well, maybe God has something better planned for me. Accenture seems to be a good company, but if it is not for me, then I know there is something better out there. I just hope that it comes soon... coz my parents are kinda nagging me to find a job already.. *sigh*

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