Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Survey thing

I answered a survey I found in my email while I was cleaning it up... See I don't get to do anything productive here at home so I might as well clean up my email. We already have a housemaid (Thank God!) so my chores are completely wiped out, except for the occasional cooking, which I love naman. But I don't know why I am so lazy to do anything productive. We already have a new ref, meaning, I could already buy the ingredients that I need so that I could start cooking already.. I don't know.. Maybe being a bum affects my whole system. This is bad! I have to start doing something productive!!!

1. Name: -
2. Age: 20
3. Place of Birth: San Juan, Metro Manila
4. Biggest Accomplishment: as of now, graduating from college on time :)
5. Occupation: none as of the moment.. bum...
6. Hair Color: black
7. Marital Status: Single but unavailable :)
8. Biggest Fear: Death of loved ones
9. Best Friend: A, F, J
10. Favourite Time of Day: At night, before going to sleep.
11. Favourite Food: pork chop, salpicao, california maki and salmon sashimi, steak, chicken fingers, spareribs with salt and pepper, chicken teriyaki, french fries, my dad's adobo, pata, fried chicken, and kenchi with mushroom sauce. Actually, I really love to eat.. even if it doesn't show.. lucky me! :)
12. Favourite Color: blue and white
13. Education: College graduate
14. Happiest Memory: Kilig moment with A, Valentines Day 2001
15. Dream Job: Business Consultant
16. First Thing You Think Of When You Wake Up: What time kaya nakauwi si A??? / What time is it?
17. Last Thing You Think Of When You Go To Bed: I think of the things that I am thankful for and things that I need to pray about
18. Favourite Song: no faves, depende sa mood
19. Favourite Drink: iced tea, mango shake, sprite or rootbeer
20. What Did You Do Today?: I went to Podium and Mega to accompany my brother in buying his shoes, arcade, ate at KFC, lakad lakad sa mall...
21. What Time Is It?: 11 pm
22. If You Had One Wish What Would It Be? World Peace! hahaha! 2 things actually.. I want to be rich (so that my parents will never worry about money) and I want to my parents to accept and love A.
23. Rain Or Snow: snow.. Maybe it's the effect that it conveys in movies.. When I see snow (in the movies), I think the Christmas spirit, snow balls, snow capped mountains.. it gives me the impression of something beautiful and happy.
24. Why Are You Doing This Survey: bored..
25. What Did You Eat Today?: It's 9:56 AM, June 12, so I only had breakfast. I had hotdog, scrambled eggs and garlic rice.
26. Are You Closest To Your Mother Or Father?: Mother
27. Left or Right Handed: left
28. Last Song You Heard: Itsumo is always played in the malls
29. Last Person You Talked To: A of course
30. First Person You Talked To Today: Mom
31. Last Thing You Said: Oo kumain na ko
32. Who Are You Sending This To?: none
33. Do You Talk Regularly With Them?: with my friends? not much... I got to see J last week though :) she just got back for a vacation from the states
34. Biggest Regret?: nah.. no regrets dapat
35. Title?: hmm? what?
36. How Many Pillows Do You Sleep With?: 4
37. Thoughts At The Moment: I need a job
39. Siblings: 2
40. Who Will Respond And Send This Back To You: -

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