Thursday, July 22, 2004

Taray Queen

I feel so liberated! haha! I don't think liberated is the right word but what the hell! hehe! I've never been mataray to people other than my siblings.  I've always been courteous when answering phone calls.  However, when our creditors started harassing us, I had to be assertive and cautious.  I thought all of our credit cards have already been paid so I thought it's no longer scary to answer the telephone.  You see, creditors have their own style of squeezing out information from the one they are talking to.  See, when they call you up, they look for you using your first name (feeling friend), then they give you their first name also.   It's not the usual, "May I speak to Mr. Juan de la Cruz" but "May I speak to Juan, this is Eric"  So here you are thinking the caller's just a friend of your dad or something.  Then there's this one time when my younger sister answered the phone and the creditor was like "This is the post office and you have a package that will be delivered to your house, what is your home address?"  My sister was rattled and didn't know what to do..  So, without thinking that it could be our creditors, she gave the address of our grandma.  My dad went ballistic and my uncle, the one living in my grandma's house, was furious because he was harassed by the creditor the next day.   I think this is the last credit card that is unpaid, partly because my dad is furious at the creditor from their bank who has been caling us and the bank also does not want to negotiate.  Gosh, even the multinational banks like Citibank are very courteous and has been accomodating my dad's requests. 

Well anyway, so I thought I can already answer the phone knowing that I wouldn't be harassed and all that.  But a while ago, to my shock, a girl called up and was looking for my mom.  

Caller: "May I please speak to [mom's first name] "
Me: "She's not home, may I know who's calling please?"
Caller: "[her first name]. Sino to?"
Me: "Sino to? Saan to?" => I'm starting to have a tone already here.
Caller: "Si [her first name]. Sino to? Anak nya ba to?"
Me: "Oo, sino to? (with an irritated tone) SAAN BA TO? E BAKIT MO GUSTO MALAMAN PANGALAN KO? (very irritated now)"
Caller: "Ah, sa [bank's name], for record purpose lang"

Then I hung up while she was still speaking.  I know I lost my manners but WTF! She has no right to ask for my name, I don't even know her!  She has no right introduce herself like she's a friend or something.  Gaga pala sya eh! E bat ko bibigay pangalan ko e hindi ko naman sya kilala!  Well I think that suits her well.  To hell with her! 

After that incident, I have this light feeling.  I don't know why.  It's a liberating experience.  I can't see myself doing that to someone, but I did!  And I feel good about it!  :D

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