Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Trip to the dentist

I have always hated the dentist because it has always been a painful experience.  I have 3 pastas overdue since I was in highschool and I never came back.  However, I have this 1 molar that has been giving me a problem since 1st year college.  I bit something hard and all these infections happened to it.  To make the story short, I went to the dentist yesterday.  She told me that I need pasta, cleaning, braces, and extraction.  She said she needed to extract the infected molar because it will just get worse.  The idea's ok with me cause I am really getting irritated with that molar.  It keeps on aching.   But, I was also scared of the idea of extraction.  It was my first time and I was alone.  Dad left me and mom wasn't able to come because she was not ready when dad came to pick me up.  So there I was having my first extraction without company.   But it was ok, honestly.  It didn't hurt.  The injection was not painful.  The actual extraction happened fast.  The dentist's assistant was holding my head while the dentist pulled.  It was pretty much ok and I thank God it didn't hurt.  The blood was scary though cause it didn't stop bleeding til this morning, so I had to keep on changing the cotton.  I'm going back to the dentist next week for my pasta.  I'm scared.  Pasta has always been painful.  I guess I'll just have to pray again and ask God to send his angels to watch over me.  :)

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